OStROberstudienrat (Austria, Europe)
OStROrchestre Symphonique de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
OStROptimum Speed Tilt Rotor (Karem Aircraft)
OStROptical Single Transporter Recording
OStROblates of St. Therese Reformed (religious order)
OStROn-Site Technical Representative
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the processing of 3 proposals for complex land consolidation (hereinafter referred to as the CPA) in the cadastral territories of Ostr, Opocnice and Vrbice, including the necessary geodetic works in the accuracy class designated for the cadastre renewal by Decree No.
In the TDM-STF, the OSTR algorithm was chosen to accelerate the convergence.
Note that the AOSTR algorithm becomes the OSTR algorithm when power factor h = 1.
Interestingly, the AOSTR algorithmis the same as the OSTR algorithm with a fixed step size.
Note that the solution for (1) from the OSTR algorithm and its accelerated version is not exact, but approximate [29].
In fact, other combinations of OSTR, AOSTR, and FISTA into the TDM-STF method are possible.
The subject of fulfillment of part of the above-the-threshold public service contract is the elaboration of a complex land consolidation proposal (hereinafter referred to as the cpa ) in the cadastral area of ostr, including the necessary geodetic work in the accuracy class designated for the cadastre renewal by decree no.
Rudno 17, municipality Ostr?da (fuel tank with a capacity of 5m3-minimum amount of one-time supply of about 2m3)
Elblag - 300 people;c) The district elcki - 200 people;d) The district ostr?dzki - 300 people.
Part 12: Valuation of undeveloped property located within Ostr?wek, Piekary, Dabrowica Cologne, Chrapczew, rates, Rzechta gm.