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OTAOffice of Technology Assessment
OTAOccupational Therapy Assistant
OTAOptical Tube Assembly (telescopes)
OTAOffice of Technical Assistance
OTAOpen to All
OTAOperational Transconductance Amplifier
OTAOne Touch Access (Nokia)
OTAOpenTravel Alliance
OTAOnline Travel Agent
OTAOffseason Training Activities (US Football)
OTAOptical Telescope Assembly
OTAOffice of Tax Analysis
OTAOklahoma Turnpike Authority (Oklahoma City, OK)
OTAOnline Trust Alliance (Bellevue, WA)
OTAOperational Test Agency
OTAOut of the Air (pricing methodology)
OTAOffice of the Administrator
OTAOntario Tennis Association
OTAOrchard Training Area
OTAOfficer's Training Academy (India)
OTAOrdered to Appear (legal courts)
OTAOn-Time Arrival
OTAOklahoma Technology Administrators
OTAOntario Telecommunications Association
OTAOpen to Air (wound dressing)
OTAOlder Than Average (student)
OTAOperational Transconductor Amplifier
OTAOperational Test Authority
OTAOracle Transport Agent
OTAOcean Systems Technician Analyst
OTAOffice of Territorial Affairs
OTAOther Transactional Authority
OTAOther Transactional Agreement
OTAOregon Telephone Association
OTAOracle Training Administrator/Administration
OTAObligatory Thug Attack (gaming)
OTAOil Technology Association
OTAOfficer Training Allowance
OTAOrdnance Transmission Assembly
OTAOptical Transition Amplitude
OTAOrascom Telecom Algerie (est; 1998; various locations)
OTAOrganic Trade Association
OTAOrthopaedic Trauma Association
OTAOxford Text Archive (UK)
OTAOrganized Team Activity
OTAOriginal Total Annihilation
OTAOrthodontic Technicians Association (UK)
OTAOver-The-Air Management
OTAOptical Trapping Applications
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5 ml modified medium cultures supplemented with 100 ppb OTA for 0, 4, 8, 12 and 24 h incubations at 39[degrees]C with agitation.
Calisma grubunda yer alan cocuklardan alinan serum or nekleri OTA duzeylerinin belirlenmesi icin RIDASCREEN OTA Enzim Immunoassay yontemi kullanildi.
OTA members and non-members alike were motivated to give this year, knowing OTA's priorities for the Farm Bill and Canadian Organic Standards are critical to seeing more growth for organic.
According to Simon Hunt, CTO-Clients at Novarra, "Our data shows that beyond basic content rendering, it is speed, mobile usability features, OTA security and full desktop parity, across popular handsets that are critical for consumer adoption.
Certainly there are people who have tried to add ideas such as eating local produce to the original organic principles, but that's not really what organic food is about" says Barbara Haumann, an OTA spokesperson.
OTA configuration allows new services to be added to a customer's handset by mobile network operators and wireless service providers, by using the wireless network.
OTA for the past four years has urged the federal government to impose a moratorium on the use of GE organisms in all agricultural production because of what it sees as the possibility of contamination and other detrimental effects on the organic industry.
OTA contracted the Manufacturers' Market Survey that year to provide statistical insight into the rapidly expanding base of organic manufacturers.
But in 1995, OTA became a casualty of the Republican "Contract with America," as House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.
Vary Coates, the president of ITA, and several other former OTA analysts met with potential clients over the past 6 months to identify likely projects, including one on digital cash, and to outline plans for studying them.
I spent 10 years at the OTA, managing the program on Communication and Information Technologies.