OTACOccupational Therapy Association of California
OTACOlde Towne Athletic Club (Marietta, GA)
OTACOver the Air Configuration (mobile network)
OTACOrdnance Tank-Automotive Center (US Army; predecessor to TACOM, 1950-1962)
OTACOver the Air Customisation (Mobile phone terminology.)
OTACOffice of Tax Administration Coordination
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She has presented at the OTAC Spring Symposium before and has mentored OTA students around Southern California to help enhance their learning experiences.
The reactive intercalation agent VOAC and the non-reactive intercalation agent OTAC were chosen to modify the raw clay.
From the TGA results, we have found that the OTAC has a higher loading, so it can be concluded that the molecular size play a dominant role to determine the interlayer spacing of the organic clay.
OTAC is membership driven -- a professional association by and for members.