OTALOffice of Technology Assisted Learning (University of Maryland)
OTALOnline Teaching and Learning (University of Maryland)
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OTAL is now promoted in Ghana by a team of six commercial representatives headed by a new commercial manager, Louise Pye.
With this kind of coverage, OTAL is looking to take the freshly opened Francophone market by storm.
While OTAL has always been represented in France, to take maximum advantage of the changes, the company has reinvigorated its French interests.
OTAL manages several haulage operations inland of West Africa, and even when cargo is being moved by other lines or haulage firms using Through Bills of Lading (effectively giving the company global coverage), OTAL takes full responsibility for safe shipment and delivery; tracking every consignment at each stage of its transport, whether by air, sea, or land.
Whether independent companies like OTAL are allowed a fair crack of the whip will depend a great deal on how far Francophone West Africa is prepared to do more than abolish some of the worst excesses of maritime protectionism.
The optimum moisture content is about 7%," says Sven Persson at London based OTAL, which operates on the West Africa to Northern Europe route.
It's also important that local staff know how to use MAM bags properly, adds OTAL.
West and East African commodities are quite often bought by traders without any nominated destination for the cargo," says OTAL.