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OTANOrganisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (French: North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
OTANOrganização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte (Portuguese: North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
OTANOrganización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (Spanish: North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
OTANOutreach and Technical Assistance Network
OTANOde to A Nightingale (Keats poem)
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Dariga received the promotions after serving as the head of the social and cultural development committee in the Majlis, the nation's lower house of parliament, Nur Otan said on its website in April 2014.
65) The oil rents are used to take over 'independent media', currently controlled by Nazarbayev's daughter, Dariga Nazarbaeva, to finance the pro-presidential party Nur Otan and to invest in the national security service, headed by his son-in-law, to repress the opposition.
The results were the following: Nur Otan gained almost 81% of the votes, Ak Jol - 7.
President Nazarbayev's Nur Otan party won the August 2007 elections to the Mazhilis.
rikkob 'he kills, 3Sg' (1Sg rikon, 2Sg rikod), ottab 'he takes, 3Sg (1Sg otan I take , 2Sg otad you take)).
Should he choose a successor for the next poll, the candidate would have to be formally nominated by Nazarbayev's Nur Otan political party.
Members of the Adult Ed Twibe include OTAN, the Toronto-based AlphaPIus Centre for advancing adult basic education, and a number of individual educators.
qanoush martureite moi tode, otan gunh; gunaiko~ ant emou qanh, anhr te dusdamarto~ ant andro~ pesh.
18 vote, which awarded Nursultan Nazarbayev and his ruling Nur Otan Party 88% of the vote, and in turn, every seat in the nation's parliament.
kalimera, ti kanis / ua se panta kala / Id otan ise konta mu / ki otan ise makria / na nc kathe su mera / mia kenuria arhi / kalimera, ti kanis / s'agapao poll] (Good morning, how are you?
Kazakhstan has a multiparty parliamentary system dominated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev's Otan Party.
GR: Otan enas astronomos [IND, SG] anakalipsi kapjon ap'aftus andi ja onoma tu dhini enan arithmo.