OTARDOver-The-Air Reception Device
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The brand's initial offering, a VSOP only now available in New York, with perhaps two more major Cognac markets to come by year's end, was designed to be spicier and woodier than other expressions coming from the Otard house, according to Giles Woodyer, brand managing director of D'Usse.
principles of FCC's Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule (OTARD Rule
OTARD Rule should they run up against state and local restrictions or
success of the OTARD Rule in resolving disputes over the placement and
Charming: The main square at Rochefort and, below, barrels of Cognac maturing in the cellar of Castle Otard Picturesque: The main harbour at Saint Martin de Re on the Ile de Re.
In 1796, after the French Revolution, Baron Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard bought the chateau and started producing cognac in its ancient cellars.
And as I settled back to toast a fantastic holiday, what better than to raise a glass of the locallydistilled Otard. I just had to decide which way to drink it...on the rocks, with a coffee or, as intended, neat.
Chateau de Cognac on the banks of the Charente river is the home of the Otard distillery Making new barrels for the amber nectar.
The FCC ruling regarding resident's rights to install satellite dishes and other antenna devices within the confines of their leasehold is titled the "Over-The-Air Reception Device" ruling, or OTARD. A complete copy of this ruling, as well as a user-friendly question and answer sheet can be found at the FCC's Web site (www.fcc.gov).
Since OTARD became law-of-the-land, both misinformation and disinformation has been disseminated throughout the apartment industry.
It was fascinating to tour the various Cognac houses - from largescale operations such as Remy Martin and Courvoisier through a middle-ranking producer such as Otard to artisan houses such as Frapin and Ferrand.
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