OTARDOver-The-Air Reception Device
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26) Effectively, the OTARD Rule affords property owners and
Generally, the OTARD Rule applies to video reception antennas
prohibitions, the OTARD Rule does permit local governments, community
Partly as a result of the 1996 Act and the subsequent OTARD Rule
The First OTARD Order considered the role that the aesthetics of
properties subject to the OTARD Rule, the Commission concluded that the
The OTARD Rule provides a procedure for filing a petition for
Hoang (Opera Plaza), (64) held that the OTARD Rule does
The court correctly concluded that while the OTARD Rule does not
areas, neither does the OTARD Rule or Section 207 grant property owners
To better illustrate the meaning of leasehold, if a resident's building was tightly wrapped with Saran Wrap from the ground to the rooftop and any portion of the resident's satellite dish pushed against or penetrated the Saran Wrap, the satellite dish would not be installed in accordance with the OTARD rules.
As mentioned earlier, OTARD does not allow property owners to require that residents use a professional satellite dish installer when making their installation, although FCC reports show that more than 50 percent of the population attempting to install their own satellite dish will eventually request service from a professional installer.