OTASOrigin Tracing and Authenticity System (software)
OTASOccupational Therapy Assistant Student
OTASObservational Teamwork Assessment for Surgery
OTASOptical Test Access System (Sprint)
OTASOptical Telescope Assembly Simulator
OTASOptical Test Access Switch
OTASObservers Target Acquisition System
OTASOutput Test Attenuator Switch
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Critically important, follow-on production OTAs can only be used if the original one for a prototype: stated that a follow-on production contract could result, used "competitive procedures" for the selection of participants and was successfully completed.
Online hotel bookings are expected to continue to thrive and hoteliers need to support its relationship with online travel agencies (OTA) for mutual growth.
The plan sees OTAS' ownership being sliced up between all 29 creditor banks via a specially created holding company, with a view to eventually reselling the majority TT stake.
Thus, it helps our clients to manage the flow of inventory to multiple OTAs via Maximojo's platform.
Summary: Ochratoxin A (OTA) is the second most important and naturally occurring mycotoxin after aflatoxin produced as a secondary metabolite by 8 kinds of Aspergillus and 6 species of Penicillium, which can contaminate a wide variety of food and feedstuffs.
Several factors have been identified as the main reasons why people prefer using OTAs over direct booking channels and traditional travel agencies.
Hidary said that OTAs charge up to 22 percent of the room rate.
17 May 2017 - US-based institutional trading network Liquidnet has acquired the UK-based OTAS Technologies analytics platform, the firm said.
Charles River Development has partnered with OTAS Technologies and incorporated OTAS's global equity trading analytics in the Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS), the company said.
Unfortunately, these pronouncements do not directly address the entry-level degree for OTAs.
In this scenario, both [I.sub.bias2] were kept equal for the two OTAs, [I.sub.bias1] of [G.sub.m1] was set to 50 nA and [I.sub.bias1] of [G.sub.m2] was varied from 45 nA to 125 nA with a 20 nA step size.