OTASPOver-The-Air Service Provisioning (telcommunications)
OTASPOver the Air Service Programming
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In addition to OTASP and OTAPA support for R-UIM, the Interop CDMA OTA solution supports ESN, MEID, pESN, and EUMID equipment identification numbers.
The MXE OTASP service platform addresses the needs of mobile network operators to create increased revenue streams while cutting costs.
As the telecommunications industry rolls out OTASP applications to the marketplace, operators will quickly take advantage of the competitive edge these powerful applications provide.
From a service subscriber's perspective, OTASP takes existing wireless phone technology a step further by offering a secure, cost-effective, easy- for-customers-to-use technology that allows subscribers to activate their wireless phones, select innovative features, and establish account information by phone.
With Lucent's end-to-end OTASP solution, wireless service providers can generate incremental savings, while reaching new levels of ease-of-use and security," said Doug Sabella, vice president - Applications Software, Lucent Technologies.
Using Lucent's end-to-end OTASP solution, wireless service providers can dramatically expand the availability of their wireless phones to a variety of sales channels, while reducing the costs associated with staffing retail centers.