OTATOver the Air Transfer
OTATOver the Air Key Transfer
OTATOver the Air Transmit
OTATOrder of the Trefoil Argent (award)
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OTAT algorithm means using the traffic volume aware adaptive threshold establishment without help of seasonality aware threshold adjustment, and OTAT is analogous to the previous approach in [16].
We employ OTAT, STBAT and TB algorithms with different margin values to compare the performance.
We observed that STBAT and OTAT achieve similar high detection rate on South Korea and USA dataset.
In TB, the threshold is updated in more optimistic manner than STBAT and OTAT. That is, regardless of the traffic observation and estimation after an attack, it updates the threshold optimistically.
On the other hand, OTAT updates the threshold in more strict manner and it suppresses the threshold in order to detect more subtle attack peaks.
According to this, STBAT can achieve high detection rate which is similar to OTAT, and it achieves lower false positive rate than OTAT with proper margin value.
7, we observed that bigger jitter degree causes more false positives in both OTAT and STBAT.
Unlike STBAT which uses traffic seasonality aware threshold adjustment, OTAT can not reduce the false positive rate less than 0.4 with 20% margin value.
Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, today confirmed that its technology partners Paradigm Communications and Skyware Technologies have successfully completed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Over The Air Testing (OTAT) of their Global XpressA (GX) terminals.
For Paradigm Communications, the Connect 70, Connect 100 and Connect 180 fixed VSAT terminals have all completed FAT and OTAT. Paradigm s integrated GX core module solution, called the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM), has also been approved, enabling it to be paired with any GX-compliant Ka-band terminal.
For Skyware Technologies, the ATOM 65 lightweight flyaway terminal and SKY 98 and SKY 180 fixed terminals have successfully completed FAT and OTAT. These include the Skyware Technologies flexible 5-watt Ka transceiver which is currently the only approved RF transceiver for GX.
Accordingly, stabilizers' active influence, which must be compatible with this driving principle, should be achieved in the stabilizer--steering mechanism unit or in an equivalent constructive solution (Otat & Thierheimer, 2007).