OTBSOn the Bright Side
OTBSOne True Brace Style (computer programming)
OTBSOnline Turn Based Strategy
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(94) See History of the Board, supra note 92 (describing the New York City OTB as one of several OTBs that opened after this legislation was passed).
En este proceso, comunidades indigenas y de campesinos, asi como organizaciones vecinales lograron estatus legal como representantes de sus poblaciones constituyentes, a traves de Organizaciones Territoriales de Bases (OTB).
For example, OTBS (w/o sulfur) will cure natural rubber and achieve similar modulus and rheometer torque to TMTD sulfurless systems when the equivalent amount of dithiocarbamate groups are used (1 mole TMTD = 2 moles OTBS).
First, the unhampered proliferation of 'illegal horse racing bookies.' Second, the TRAIN law's 20-percent documentary tax hike and third, the full operation of 'e-sabong' at horse racing OTBs.
'We are asking the Supreme Court to immediately compel Philracom to perform its mandate, that is, to protect our horse racing industry which has been a lucrative source of amusement tax revenue, by putting a stop to the illegal operation of online sabong in the OTBs (off-track betting stations),' Dr.
Though Keeneland was their most popular meeting with players, the off-track betting firms (OTBs) claimed it would cut too much into their profits to take Keeneland racing.
It also operates off-track betting stations (OTBs) and will expand its OTB network in Metro Manila as well as in provincial areas.
They attributed the revenue losses to stiffer competition against other games such as numbers games, casinos, and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) games which is worsened by the proliferation of illegal gambling, among them, the cockfight betting in OTBs.
Tenders are invited for Reconstruction of the internal central heating, cold water and hot water in residential buildings, multi-family residential OTBS Street.
While not all OTB outposts are in prime locations, some are in retail hotspots or on the edges of up-and-coming neighborhoods.
Paduano also moved to cease the off-track betting (OTB) activities of the Manila Cockers Club, Inc.