OTCAOrganização do Tratado de Cooperação Amazônica (Portuguese: Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization)
OTCAOverseas Technical Cooperation Agency (est. 1962; Japan)
OTCAOttawa Tourism and Convention Authority (Canada)
OTCAOmnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988
OTCAOffice of Technical and Customer Assistance (Rhode Island)
OTCAL-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
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The adaptor-ligated DNA was hybridized for 64 h at 42 [degrees]C to one of 4 independent array sectors for samples CPSA, CPSB, and OTCB with hybridization conditions that were slightly modified compared with those for sample OTCA (see Methods in the online Data Supplement).
A 454-sequencing service provider (Microsynth) prepared a single sequencing library from the tagged and equally pooled samples CPSA, CPSB, OTCB, and UNC, and a separate library for sample OTCA.
For the samples from the pooled library, 89% of all sequence reads had a unique match in the human genome, whereas this proportion was only 58% for sample OTCA (Table 1 and online Table 1).
Sequence coverage and median sequencing depth were lowest in sample OTCA, despite this sample having a similar overall number of mapped base pairs (Table 1, Fig.