OTCFXOver-the-Counter Foreign Exchange
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ROWE PRICE SMALLCAP STOCK FUND (OTCFX) 7=The $7 billion fund, trading at about $35 in August, has performed steadily in weak times and has beaten its benchmark--the S&P 500.
Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock (OTCFX); Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX); Brandywine (BRWIX); Turner Mid-Cap Growth (TMGFX); Gabelli Asset (GABAX); Oakmark Select I (OAKLX); Vanguard Calvert Social Index (VCSIX); Harbor Capital Appreciation (HCAIX); Selected American (SLASX); Vanguard 500 Index (VFINX); Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth (VASGX), PIMCO High Yield (PHYRX); and PIMCO Total Return (PTTAX).
Rowe Price Small-cap Stock (OTCFX; small blend), Templeton Foreign (TEMFX), and Van Kampen Equity and Income (ACEIX; a balanced fund holding large value stocks and bonds).