OTCPOffice du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris (French: Office of Tourism and Congress of Paris; Paris, France)
OTCPOfficer Training Command Pensacola (Florida)
OTCPOrange Terrace Community Park (Riverside, CA)
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In this way, OTCP aligns the TCP congestion control parameters with the data center environment where it is used.
SDN controller etc.) used by authors to carry out performance analysis of OTCP [15], OpenTCP [33] and Tuning Initial TCP Parameters [32] are also mentioned in Table 2.
SED [19] and OTCP [15] can support 40 and 100 simultaneous senders, respectively.
SDTCP [6][26], SICCQ [30][31], SCCP [14] and OTCP [15]) have considered this performance metric and results show all these four solutions provide fairness in allocating data rate to mice and elephant flows.
From Table 5, it is also noted that TCP receive window based solutions like SDTCP [6][26], SCCP [14], SICCQ [30][31] and Tuning TCP based solution like OTCP [15], OpenTCP [33] have the potential to be deployed in a real cloud data center as these solutions address most of the performance metrics discussed above.
OTCP was responsible for the initial accession training of approximately 1,400 officers per year, and trained more than 15,000 officers for the fleet.
Malaga Financial Corporation (MFC) (OTCP: MLGF), the parent company of Malaga Bank, has said that it has declared a cash dividend of USD0.225 per share on its common stock.
These include the facility for online registration of establishments (OLRE), Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP), e-passbook and electronic payment of PF and Pension benefits through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and CBS (Core Banking Solution).
The recent introduction of Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) which facilitates online transfer in such cases has been successful to a large extent in tackling this issue.