OTDOAObserved Time Difference of Arrival
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The OTDOA protocol is only triggered if it's supported by an emergency number.
The OnePlus 5 911 rebooting problem is caused by a memory bug that's triggered when OTDOA information is being obtained and sent out.
Both organizations will use the platforms to support technologies such as CA, VoLTE/IMS, RCS, A-GNSS, OTDOA, eCID, and E911 over IMS.
Inside the Method country suburban city buildings Cell ID 1-35km 1-10km 50m-lkm 50m-lkm Cell ID +TA 1-35km 1-10km 50m-lkm 50m-lkm U-TDOA OTDOA 80m 50m 50m 50m E-OTD 50-150m 50-150m 50-150m 50-150m A-GPS 30m 40m 30-150m 200m
Some methods require more human intervention to set up, such as PCM and probabilistic fingerprint matching, whilst others might require additional hardware, such as OTDOA requiring location measurement units.
As the leader in location technology testing, Spirent is currently working with all the key industry players to evaluate OTDOA and its integration with other positioning technologies, and to enable operators to meet the location requirements for VoLTE E911 and the evolving FCC requirements.
Spirent 8100 LTS has won widespread acceptance as the leading platform for location testing in the wireless industry, and with this latest capability is now able to support OTDOA Position Calculation Function (PCF).
1 Examples include VoLTE and Emergency Calls over LTE, OTDOA & eCellID for SUPLv2, Intra, Inter SON (self organising networks)/ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relations) and CMAS
0/LPP and a fully automated system for testing user equipment performance for LPP and OTDOA.