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OTECOcean Thermal Energy Conversion
OTECOntario Tourism Education Corporation (Ontario, Canada)
OTECOregon Trail Electric Cooperative (Baker City, OR)
OTECOrchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
OTECOperational Test & Evaluation Center
OTECOver the Edge Customs (car & truck club)
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In the 70s Lockheed Martin helped build the world's first successful floating OTEC system that generated renewable net power.
An OTEC system utilizes the temperature differences between warm surface seawater and cold deep seawater to generate electricity.
In a detailed overview of the OTEC system, Richard Crews (1997) demonstrates that "OTEC is non-polluting; in fact; it is ecologically positive since it enriches nutrient-poor surface water and tends to 'sink' carbon.
KHPS and OTEC are still years away from providing viable energy alternatives, but the Navy already runs installations that generate their own power based in whole or in part from renewable fuels.
Lockheed Martin in 2008 won a grant from the Energy Department to develop and demonstrate the tooling necessary to build a large cold water pipe to suck up ocean water from depths of several thousand feet below the surface, says Dennis Cooper, OTEC business manager for Lockheed Martin.
L'objectif consiste a installer des usines OTEC munies de cables sous-marins qui transporteront l'electricite vers le reseau sur la terre ferme.
A 100-megawatt OTEC plant (about one-tenth the size of a typical coal-fired power plant) would need several thousand liters of water flowing through it per second.
It's conceivable, for example, that OTEC could enable Hawaii to achieve energy independence within a generation.
The plant uses the deep-sea water to cool warm surface water through an OTEC heat exchanger to desalinate the seawater.
OTEC uses the warm water to evaporate a liquid that boils at a very low temperature, such as ammonia or freon.
NELHA has hosted a series of OTEC experiments since its founding in 1974.