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OTECOcean Thermal Energy Conversion
OTECOhio Transportation Engineering Conference (Ohio)
OTECOntario Tourism Education Corporation (Ontario, Canada)
OTECOregon Trail Electric Cooperative (Baker City, OR)
OTECOrchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
OTECOperational Test & Evaluation Center
OTECOver the Edge Customs (car & truck club)
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The gross-to-net power ratio of an OTEC plant is mainly a function of the energy needed to pump cold seawater up from a depth of 3000 feet, said Thomas H.
Rich Lockwood, rice-president of Lockheed Martin's new ventures business group, said: "Otec has the potential to play a critical role in securing our nation's and our military's energy needs.
OTEC utilizes the temperature difference between warm surface water and cold deep water to convert solar radiation into electric power.
Other qualities which went into the nomination of OTEC for the award, included compliance, standard practice, customer relations, achievements, product or service availability, brand and service quality, packaging and relevance.
Ocean Thermal Energy Corp said it spent six years of investing into Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) research, the development of proprietary, trade secret technology, and the assembling of an management, engineering, and consulting team, and is now positioned to accelerate the implementation of its OTEC technology for projects in the US, the Caribbean, the Asia Pacific region, and eventually worldwide.
GEO Consultores (2008) realizo un estudio solicitado por la Unidad de Estudios y Desarrollo Institucional del SENCE que apuntaba a hacer una comparacion de los resultados del programa nacional de becas, que en el ano 2005 fue operado por el Centro de Postulacion para Capacitacion (CPC), y una muestra del programa fue directamente operada por los OTEC en el proceso de postulacion y seleccion de beneficiarios.
Lennard, "Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA): market opportunities for european industry," in New and Renewable Technologies for Sustainable Development, N.
These two new services follow the already successful UCaaS offering known as Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch(R) Enterprise Cloud (OTEC).
Hacer todo lo que no pueden hacer cultivando simplemente la yuca, el maiz, lo que se come" (OTEC 2013).
The machines would pump huge quantities of seawater, scrub it clean and return it to the sea--all powered by renewable energy technology, in the form of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC).
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The OTEC plants are subject to storms and corrosion and are installed on floating vessels and demand a reasonable amount of energy for pumping water from great depths.