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It was time to choose any port in a storm, when I saw the sign for the no-tell OTEL.
265 per share (as on June 11, 2009), OTEL is trading at a 2009E P/E and P/BV multiple of 8.
Financial Performance --1Q08In 1Q08, OTEL achieved a net profit of RO38.
OTEL should continue to retain its market share in this competitive scenario by enhancing revenue growth in Fixed and Mobile segment, while retaining valued customers through loyalty programs.
The international expansion strategies of OTEL are yet to show results as those investments are in a nascent stage and are gaining market share in the respective geographies gradually.
Mohammad Patel, CEO of OTEL Telecoms describes: "We are thrilled to re-enter the M&A space in order to help drive OTEL's strategic growth.
OTEL Telecoms intends to formalise the industry further by establishing a group which will share commercially viable strategic growth plans whilst gearing up to cater for South Africa's growing demand for Internet access in metro and rural areas.
With the addition of a few new point-of-presences (PoPs) in Gauteng, OTEL Telecoms offers expanded wireless Internet and voice coverage to more businesses, giving the company an even greater footprint in the Gauteng metropolitan areas.
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is responsible for a string of terrorist attacks throughout Indonesia, including the Bali bombings in 2002 and attacks on two Jakarta otels a year later.