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OTEROrganization of Teacher Educators in Reading
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Physician supporters of the OTER program service line provide leadership and continued vision.
OTER staff members identify tobacco users among hospital inpatients, provide tobacco cessation education, and document interventions in patient charts.
OTER was asked to revise the existing policy in order to improve the Baylor image and experience for patients, visitors, and employees.
During 2000-2001, the first year in which the program operated under the auspices of OTER, Tobacco kNOw reached over 4000 students from 16 different schools.
OTER staff members track outcomes on each educational component and participant within the tobacco cessation program model.
According to the Pew Research Center/Washington Post poll, 55 percent voters said that bama connects with the needs of average Americans very or fairly well, while 41 percent oters said the president doesn't understand people's problems too well or not at all well.
V OTERS will go to the polls tomorrow to take part in the European elections, but the way they cast their ballots may determine the future of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister .
That four of us had a terri c three-course meal with two rounds of drinks for just pounds 82 and the in-house oters are sensational.
A referendum has been sanctioned by the oters in Jackson County in 1994 for the issuance of bonds needed to generate revenue to repair the Grand Tower Levee.