OTETOvarian-Type Epithelial Tumors
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Owners Katherine and Vesselina Sarieva are the pushing force behind Plovdiv's emerging art scene, having organised several events here as well as the Otets Paisiy Weekend Festival.
Tenders are invited for Special transport of children and pupils from the settlement where they live to the nearest kindergarten, respectively a school and vice versa, on the territory of the Municipality of Kostinbrod until May 2019 with three detachments: Lot 1: "Performance of specialized transport of children at the age of five and six, subject to obligatory pre-school education, on the territory of the Municipality of Kostinbrod "; Lot 2: "Special transport of students to the" Petar Beron "Sofia University, Kostinbrod municipality; Separate item 3: "Special transport of students to Otets Paisiy secondary school" Peturch, Kostinbrod municipality ".
Tenders are invited for "Carrying out a specialized transport on approved route schedules of students from Otets Paisiy High School - Lyulyakovo, Ruen Municipality, Bourgas District for the 2017/2018 school year in three lots": Lot 1 "Special transport of students on route "Vishna-Planinitsa-Listets-Rupcha-Lyulyakovo and back"; Separate item 2 "Special transport of students on the route" Zavet-Saedinenie-Lyulyakovo and back "; Lot 3 "Special transport of students on the route Skalak - Cheresha - Lyulyakovo and back"
Tenders are invited for The subject of the order includes delivery and installation of furniture for the needs of otets paisiy university gabrovo, according to the technical specifications, as follows: 1.
002" Provision of a warm lunch - 2016 "for the calendar 2018 year, by lot: Lot 1 "Delivery of a warm lunch for 52 users in the town of Brezovo and the villages of Brezovo - Tyrkmen, Choba, Zelenikovo, Chehlare, Babek, Rozovets, Svejen" Lot 2 "Delivery of a warm lunch for 28 users in the villages of Brezovo - Drangovo, Otets Kirilovo, Zl Atosel, Borets, Varben, Pudarsko, Streltsi and Surnegor "