OTEXAOffice of Textiles and Apparel
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Quota limits and fill rates are reported for each three digit textile category as defined by OTEXA.
1 in Appendix A displays the adjusted quota base, level of imports and fill rates for a sample of OTEXA (US Office of Textile and Apparel) categories.
A particular concern regarding the OTEXA process is its lack of transparency.
The China-specific textile and apparel safeguard provision administered by the OTEXA is due to expire in 2014.
According to OTEXA officials, the investigation/consultation process involves: 1) publishing a notice of the petition in the Federal Register; 2) reviewing public comments and 3) consulting with the other NAFTA governments, the U.
And, as OTEXA officials point out, if modifications are implemented, the changes are considered to be permanent unless availability of the product changes and someone files a new petition that is acted upon.
Commerce Department's Office of Textiles and Apparel, known as OTEXA, said U.
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While at Market Square, Daley visited the Department of Commerce/Office of Textiles and Apparel's (OTEXA) space to congratulate OTEXA on its Export Advantage Web site.
Data compiled by OTEXA indicates that in 1994, total U.
Keith Daly, an OTEXA analyst-indicates that for the most part, NAFTA appears to have spurred imports in a variety of home textiles classifications.