OTFSCOrganic Thin-Film Solar Cells
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Because of the smaller [R.sub.s] and higher Rsil, the FF of the OTFSC prepared with DIO+CN additives was higher than that of the OTFSC prepared with DIO and OTFSC prepared with CN additives.
An interpenetrated blending through excellent percolation of micrograins might have been achieved for the molecules of PTB7 and [PC.sub.71]BM through the effect of organic solvent mixture of CB and DIO, which could be contributed to the distinctively enhanced PCE (4.89%) of the resulting OTFSC (Tablet) [6, 17].
The OTFSC devices were fabricated with blended active layers of PTB7/[PC.sub.71]BM with a relative ratio of 1:1.5.
Generally, organic thin film solar cells (OTFSCs) are acknowledged that they are lighter than any other counterparts and suitable for low-cost fabrication [6-9].