OTFTOrganic Thin Film Transistor
OTFTOccult Tight Filum Terminale (spinal medicine)
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"OTFT utilizes a uniform polymer-based semiconductor layer coated by conventional display manufacturing equipment at low temperature, meaning OLCD possesses the same ability to scale in display size as glass amorphous silicon (a-Si) LCD," explains Strategy Director Paul Cain.
FlexEnable makes its OTFT backplane using solution-coated organic materials and joining them to a triacetylcellulose film, a plastic commonly used in glass displays as the substrate for LCD polarizers.
[50] investigated the optical response and memory effects in OTFT [n.sup.+]-Si/Si[O.sub.2]/P3HT:PCBM/Au device.
The optical-electro memory effect based on the OTFTs can be programmed optically and erased electrically, which is similar to that of OTFT Au/P3HT:CdSe/Au device.
As shown in Figure 2(e), at the same time, the OTFT with 43 wt.% CNP had neither saturation behavior nor gate-modulation effect.
where the [[mu].sub.pristine-P3HT] was the intrinsic mobility of pristine P3HT; the maximum mobility ([[mu].sub.blend-max]) was obtained from the OTFT with highest CNP blending concentration (i.e., 43 wt.%); p is the blending concentration of CNP; the [p.sub.C] is percolation threshold; and C is a fitting parameter.
Organics will develop in three stages, spanning OTFT and OLED developments, and competitors will have choices to make during each of them (Exhibit 3).
Plastic transistors, also called organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs), may be that rarity: a truly disruptive technology in a mature, $226 billion industry.
Electrical properties of the OTFT were measured in ambient using two curve tracers (2400 and 2410 SourceMeters, Keithley), and its carrier mobility [mu] was least-square estimated by using the [I.sub.SD]--[V.sub.SG] formula for p-channel OTFT in the saturation regime:
During fabrication of organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs), it is generally believed that the carrier transport efficiency can be improved with higher degree of micro-crystallization and better order and proper orientation of the microcrystalline structure of the organic semiconductors (1), (2).
-- During the past year, organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) and memories have achieved enhanced credibility as they have achieved performance at or better than some silicon TFTs and as significant investments have been made in production facilities for these organic devices.