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OTGOn-The-Go (USB 2.0 specification)
OTGOn the Ground (sales)
OTGOff the Ground (gaming)
OTGOver the Glasses (goggle type)
OTGOn The Green
OTGOff the Grid
OTGOf the Gods
OTGOficina de Treball de la Generalitat (Catalonia)
OTGOn The Grid
OTGOperations and Technology Group (Microsoft)
OTGOne True God
OTGOld Timers Guild
OTGOdense Tekniske Gymnasium (Danish: Odense Technical College; Odense, Denmark)
OTGOxford Theatre Guild (est. 1955; UK)
OTGOriginating Trunk Group
OTGOlder Than God
OTGOnward to Golgotha (Incantation album)
OTGOfficer Training Group
OTGoperational target graphic (US DoD)
OTGOven Toast(er) Grill
OTGOperational Tactics Guide
OTGOperations Tactics Group
OTGOutput Transfer Gate (computing)
OTGOptimal Treatment Guidelines
OTGOur Technical Guys, Ltd. (est. 2008; UK)
OTGOTH (Over-the-Horizon) Targeting Gold (message format)
OTGOriginal Tool Gangster
OTGOilTechnoGroup LLC (Occidental Resources, Inc.; Salt Lake City, UT)
OTGOnline Travel Group (various locations)
OTGOutside the Gates
OTGOrganic Trade Group
OTGOverTheGun (YouTube personality)
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By teaming up with OTG, Juice Press is continuing to expand its footprint to major travel hubs, which also includes New York's Grand Central Station and Washington D.
The combination of A610 OTG and A116 super-mini USB comes in two color collections - ivory whiteand mysterious black, available memory in 16GB, this is the most convenient and inexpensivesolution for you to expand storage and transfer files.
The first option is that OTG did produce a son but at the prodigious rate of one per planet, though that would obviously have needed a vast army of use-once-and-discard virgins.
OTG is applied once daily to rotating sites on the abdomen, upper arm or shoulder, and thigh.
An OTG spokeswoman said the company was unable to respond at length.
0-compliant PC, a dual-role OTG device need not have the capability to identify any other USB device.
OTG is considered to be a leading company in this sector in Europe.
Tekserve has served as the iPad provider and strategic consultants since August 2012, using a 40-point checklist to properly configure and secure each iPad for OTG so they are ready to install out-of-the-box, without additional effort from the OTG team.
OTG will oversee all food, beverage and retail operations for Terminal B South, Terminal C (including the new C North Concourse which opens in 2017) and Terminal E.
The OTG specification, though, defines a way for devices other than .
At the USB-Implementers Forum Compliance Workshop in May, USB OTG integrators met to perform initial testing of OTG Dual-Role devices against USB OTG electrical and protocol compliance programs.
In a strategic technology transaction, OTG Software, Inc.