OTIAOffice of Technology Innovation and Acquisition
OTIAOregon Transportation Investment Act
OTIAOffice of Telecommunications and Information Applications (NTIA)
OTIAOhio Telecommunications Industry Association
OTIAOral Tax Information Authorization
OTIAOntario Traumatic Injury Association (Canada)
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The prince spent several minutes comforting Otia and his grandmother Te Nante, who said Harry then turned to Meghan and said: "[I have a] beautiful wife, baby on the way.
Ultimately, however, he could not accept the reality of werewolf transformation, though one of his three main sources for book 14, Gervaise of Tilbury's Otia imperialia, did.
The Mongolian government, however, decided that the Oyu Tolgoi was a 'mineral deposit of strategic importance' (Mongolia, 2006)[iv] and accordingly adjusted the 1997 Minerals Law in 2006 in order to negotiate for a specific Oyu Tolgoi investment agreement (OTIA, Article 5.4).
and conceals a forgotten name for Haliotis." The "sea ear" was familiar to the Greeks and was named otia (little ear) by Pliny.
This is the Latin text: "Ille per hoc tempus mihi praebuit otia, libros/ Omnimodos studiis praebuit ille meis./ Vertor ego ad nostras, ad Graecas, atque Latinas/ Historias; etiam carmina saepe lego./ Flaccus, Virgilius, fuit e mihi notus Homerus, / Euripides, Sophocles, Plautus, Aristophanes,/ Pluresque; et Scriptores Historiarum;/ Sed mihi prae reliquis Thucydides plcauit" (Hobbes 1845, vol.
"When the OTIA program came on board, if we delivered all that in-house, we would have doubled our design staff," said Cathy Nelson, technical services manager for the agency.
Vassallo, Solamur otia cantu, Ghall-kitarra ossia collezione di nuove poesie maltesi sul gusto delle popolari, Malta, Paolo Cumbo, 1851, p.
Gioacchino comments, "The sexual chitchat reflected in fact the habits of a certain social class absorbed in otia, not very sensitive, unmindful of what was happening in the wide world."
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