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OTIFOn Time In Full
OTIFOhio Teacher Incentive Fund
OTIFOne Time Installation Fee
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Much earlier, during its 15th Dec 2010 meeting, the cabinet had approved in principle, this recommendation of Railways' Ministry regarding Pakistan's membership in OTIF, comprising of 43 nations of Europe, North Africa, Asia and Near East, among which Iran and Turkey feature prominently, while even a train service had also traversed over the route of Islamabad-Istanbul-Tehran- Islamabad in the connection.
Currently, 46 states are OTIF members and international carriage by rail on railway infrastructure of around 250,000 km and the complementary carriage of freight and passengers on several thousand kilometres of shipping routes, inland waterways and roads are concerned by the uniform law created by OTIF.
There is also a link for existing customers to a dedicated site that provides real time information on stock levels, POD (proof of delivery) details and KPI (key performance indicator) data, including the recently launched dynamic OTIF (on target in full) reporting tool.
The working-capital-to-sales ratio has reduced from more than 18% to less than 11%; we've seen a substantial increase in stock turns, whilst increasing OTIF out to the customer.
The company also provides a lot of useful order information and feedback through the OTIF system, which is very important to ensuring the operation runs efficiently.
Adopting the report by Paolo Costa (ELDR, Italy) in plenary session on March 10 in Strasbourg, the European Parliament approved without amendment the proposal on the accession of the European Community to the international rail transport organisation OTIF (Organisation des Transports Internationaux Ferroviaires), a body based in Berne, Switzerland, and responsible for facilitating international rail transport by developing harmonised legal procedures across the continent of Europe.
Notably, the regulation aims to harmonise the requirements to be met by maintenance entities across the entire European Union and in all the member countries of the OTIF.
The OTIF data adds an extra dimension of accuracy and can be easily exported to a spreadsheet, which allows for trends to be monitored and managed on a daily basis.
The Commission presented a proposal for a Decision on the subject on November 17 (COM(2003) 696), approving the Communitys accession to COTIF, the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail by which OTIF is established.
Six Sigma: Order aging, OTIF, quality rate, capable equipment, nine others.
Built-in" KPIs - such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), OTIF (on-time, in-full), line balance ratios, takt time, order aging and first-run quality performance - are instantly accessible, depending upon the Metric Panels licensed.