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OTISOffice of Technology and Information Services (various institutions)
OTISOf Thee I Sing
OTISOrganization of Teratology Information Services
OTISOverhead Travel Information System (automotive onboard computer)
OTISOnly the Illuminati Succeed (conspiracy theory)
OTISOptical Transpose Interconnection System
OTISOperative Term is Stimulate (on-line art archive; now SITO)
OTISOnly the Innocent Survive
OTISOptimum Thermal Interpolation System
OTISOnline Transit Information System (Metropolitan Transit System MTS, San Diego, California)
OTISOffender Tracking and Information System
OTISOut There in Space
OTISOptimal Thermal Interpolation System
OTISOffice of Telecommunication and Information Systems
OTISOnce-Through Integral System
OTISOcean Thermal Interpolation System (US Navy source for sea surface temperature)
OTISOcean Technological Information System
OTISOperations Terminal Information System (Southwest Airlines)
OTISOn Time Installed System Delivery (TL 9000)
OTISOn-line Transaction Insurance System
OTISOptimum Tracking Information System
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Otis commissioned the $40,000 study to "confirm the impact of the creative economy," said Samuel Hoi, the school's president.
Otis was evaluated in replicated field trials under fallow, nonirrigated, and irrigated conditions.
Otis Ferry is a hoodie who wears a pink jacket rather than the usual top.
Ari Bousbib who runs Otis, Geraud Darnis who runs Carrier and Olivier Robert who runs Chubb are all French.
His creation Otis has ben a surprise hit in Britain but not a surprise to Rich.
Studies conducted in the past by OTIS members include the effects of maternal exposure to ACE inhibitors, sumatriptan, cisapride, clarithromycin, fluoroquinolones, psychotropic drugs, and varicella infection.
Dinner will no longer be served at Otis Zark, but the restaurant will be available for lease to groups who want to have catered events there.
Page told reporters that he believes a partnership with Otis, the world's largest elevator maker, would give the Japanese companies more access to international markets.
Even though Otis has successful businesses, access to the Salmon River and a septic system under construction, the city has limited possibilities as a business venture.
Ferguson has built upon Bailyn's work, arguing that while Otis's intellectual troubles grew out of his efforts to reconcile the political thinking of two different eras, his argument changed significantly nonetheless, as Otis retreated from ideas that threatened the supremacy of the government.
Mum Adrienne Earls, from Canton, Cardiff, was due to give birth on December 7 but ended up welcoming tiny Otis into the world on August 31 weighing just 1lb 4oz.