OTJAGOffice of the Judge Advocate General
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In addition to the general military justice resources provided through OTJAG Criminal Law, the JAGC also provides resources specifically geared towards assisting both trial and defense counsel with trial preparation through organizations located at the second one-star entity: United States Legal Services Agency (USALSA).
One way TCAP carries out its mission is by posting documents and motions in the OTJAG Criminal Law DocLib and maintaining a TCAP milBook (28) page.
63) The page offers links to information about the professors, descriptions of the School's military justice courses, and publications from various entities including ADC, OTJAG Criminal Law, and Army Trial Judiciary.
Users are encouraged to assist in its improvement by populating the DocLib with documents and giving constructive feedback for improvements to OTJAG Criminal Law.
This attitude changed, however, after a directive from OTJAG signaled that the new RDI would be worn by all.
1) Access to JAGCNet is restricted to registered users who have been approved by the LAAWS XXI Office and senior OTJAG staff: