OTJAGOffice of the Judge Advocate General
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While the Army Publications and Printing Command worked on the project, COL Gilligan left the Pentagon and OTJAG's Criminal Law Division and retired from active duty.
But Young, who was then serving as Chief, War Crimes Division, OTJAG, replied that he needed an assistant.
Second, it would be easier to develop other courses at TJAGSA if it were closer in proximity to OTJAG. Third and finally, Decker argued that it would be easier to hold "policy conferences" if the school were closer to the Pentagon.
27-10, MILITARY JUSTICE 2-3 (11 May 2016) (requiring a summary to the Office of The Judge Advocate General (OTJAG) regarding cases with "national security implications"); 50 U.S.C.
Counsel can initiate clearances through command channels except for those of civilian members of the defense team, which must be submitted through OTJAG for certification the clearance "is necessary to adequately represent their client," and then to Army G-2.
(42) The General Counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and OTJAG can help identify points of contact--ideally within the office of the staff judge advocate or general counsel--for organizations in the DoD and intelligence community.
In addition to the general military justice resources provided through OTJAG Criminal Law, the JAGC also provides resources specifically geared towards assisting both trial and defense counsel with trial preparation through organizations located at the second one-star entity: United States Legal Services Agency (USALSA).
One way TCAP carries out its mission is by posting documents and motions in the OTJAG Criminal Law DocLib and maintaining a TCAP milBook (28) page.
To locate the ADC's page, users should navigate to JAGCNet select "The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School," click on "School" and, under the "Departments" click on "Criminal Law." (63) The page offers links to information about the professors, descriptions of the School's military justice courses, and publications from various entities including ADC, OTJAG Criminal Law, and Army Trial Judiciary.
This inaugural issue of The Army Lawyer finished with sections called "Personnel Actions," "Books of Interest to Lawyers," and "Military Affairs Opinions." The first, provided by the Personnel, Plans and Training Office, OTJAG, was almost certainly the first section read by those who received the new publication because it contained the names of those officers and warrant officers who were retiring from active duty or being promoted.
He was assigned to the Contracts Division, OTJAG. He later became chief of that division and was soon recognized as an expert in government procurement.
The following year, however, the position was transferred again: to OTJAG. Brigadier General Brannon (he had been recently promoted) now became the Assistant Judge Advocate General (Procurement).