OTMLOk Tedi Mining Limited (Papua New Guinea)
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In early December 1995, the PNG Parliament approved legislation that would block any future OTML liability and set up a $81,323,000 compensation fund for landowners harmed by OTML's operations.
Under the settlement, the plaintiffs agree that OTML is in compliance with the terms of the 1996 settlement.
I do not wish to suggest that Tabubil is trouble-free, nor that its relative peace is simply the result of amity among Min: it is still in many ways a company town, and I suspect that much of the appearance of good order is maintained by the visible and frequent patrolling of OTML security within the township.
As part of this regime, OTML has submitted a change notice to convert the test dredging operation into a permanent one to mitigate the future impact of aggredation build-up in the Ok Tedi and Fly River systems.
Inmet CEO, Richard Ross, said: "This litigation threatens to delay this consultative process just as substantial progress was being made by OTML on the development of programs to ensure the provision of infrastructure and other long-term benefits to affected communities in the Western Province.
The investigations by a team of scientific consultants working with OTML aimed to improve knowledge and reduce uncertainty surrounding waste management options identified during an assessment process that started in 1996.
OTML is recognised as a responsible corporate citizen in PNG and has provided over three decades of support to the government and people of the Western Province of PNG.
OTML have been undertaking systematic ridge and spur soil sampling to complement Frontier's historic grid based work.
Over the last twenty years, however, water has also become valuable as a potential path to both communal and individual development through the establishment of small-scale industries like fisheries or through large, multinational resource extraction industries like OTML or recent logging interests in the Aramia basin.
Secondly, as a result of the legislation, BHP Billiton and OTML get an unrestricted legal indemnity for the damage caused now and into the future by the operation of the OK Tedi mine.
Government officials asked the World Bank to examine the findings of the OTML consultants and to assess available options.
which previously ceded its 52 percent interest in OTML to PNG SDPL, is required to give effect to the understanding and proceed with the settlement and execution of definitive documents for that purpose between Inmet and OTML.