OTMLOk Tedi Mining Limited (Papua New Guinea)
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Consequently, shortly after their announcement that the mine would be closing, OTML began repatriating employees to their home areas with the cold comfort that they would be called back to work when and if necessary.
Initially, OTML promoted the Ok Tedi project to the local peoples through education, communication and transport facilities, employment, better water systems, health facilities and a cash economy (Morrison, 2000).
OTML is recognised as a responsible corporate citizen in PNG and has provided over three decades of support to the government and people of the Western Province of PNG.
OTML have been undertaking systematic ridge and spur soil sampling to complement Frontier's historic grid based work.
Secondly, as a result of the legislation, BHP Billiton and OTML get an unrestricted legal indemnity for the damage caused now and into the future by the operation of the OK Tedi mine.
Government officials asked the World Bank to examine the findings of the OTML consultants and to assess available options.
In September 1989, a decision was handed down by the National Executive Council that allowed OTML to continue to operate without additional waste retention facilities, subject to adhering to an acceptable particulate level of sediments and an intensive environmental monitoring programme.
Over the last twenty years, however, water has also become valuable as a potential path to both communal and individual development through the establishment of small-scale industries like fisheries or through large, multinational resource extraction industries like OTML or recent logging interests in the Aramia basin.
In the event of a drought during the next three years, BHP Billiton will also purchase Cu concentrate delivered to the Kiunga port to an agreed level, if requested by OTML.
But after the original tailings dam was destroyed by a landslide in 1984, OTML made a successful pitch to forge ahead without a tailings dam, exacting a predictable toll on a once-pristine river system.
After a landslide destroyed a tailings dam that OTML was building, however, the mine decided to abandon this environmental safeguard.
The omission of the presentation by Michael Ridd of OTML on environmental issues is the most damaging.