OTMMOpenText Media Management (Canada)
OTMMOne Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan song)
OTMMObservatory Thermal Math Model
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In genes with small effects, the OTMM did not detect a large number of OTL.
This observation demonstrates that the OTMM is efficient at detecting OTL in genes that control at least 40% of trait expression, independently of applied segregation.
This demonstrates that the OTMM is not very efficient at detecting genes with small effects on trait expression.
Exceptions were observed in the population of 200 individuals for the gene with the smallest effect (10%) and the characteristic C2 (in LG4), which was detected in 76% of the simulated OTL (Table 4), a result superior to that of the OTMM.
Even though the IM has higher gene detection power than the OTMM, it also presents an elevated error rate in gene localization.
However, for OTL detection in the simulated mark, the OTMM (7:1 and 3:1) was superior to the IM, especially in populations of 500 and 1,000 individuals, where the OTMM was as much as 44% more precise in terms of the genes with 40 and 50% effects.
Independently of the applied segregation (3:1 or 7:1), OTL were observed outside the linkage group when using the IM but not when using the OTMM.
In the OTMM, an increase in population size has a positive influence on OTL detection in that the number of detected OTL increases with the number of individuals in the population.