OTMROne Touch Make Ready (utility laws)
OTMROver Thirty Month Rule (food safety; UK)
OTMROn Train Monitoring Recorder (railway systems)
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- It is observed that the influences of INMR and OTMR on the endogenous variable are not significant, which means that the employers do not take into account the immigration and the emigration.
D(EMPR?) 7.008395 1.761086 3.979587 0.0001 D(INMR?) 0.204442 0.042099 4.856217 0.0000 D(MYHR?) -19.34940 3.123451 -6.194877 0.0000 D(OTMR?) -0.183372 0.042726 -4.291838 0.0000 INMRRO 0.057184 0.020583 2.778219 0.0065 MYHRRO 2.380529 0.465706 5.111658 0.0000 OTMRRO -0.058414 0.020416 -2.861244 0.0051 EMPRRO 0.316290 0.161204 1.962051 0.0525 Weighted Statistics R-squared 0.545431 Mean dependent var 0.331437 Adjusted 0.513611 S.D.
Materials Weights of Addition (Parts) PVC (K = 66) 100 OTMR 2.5 R-1000ZE 1.0 R-1200ZG 0.7 K-125 1.5 K-175 1.0 Impact modifier 8.0 Table 3.
The OTMR is a similar concept to the in-flight recorder, or black box, used by the airline industry.
Arrowvale's managing director, Mike Thompson commented: 'We're obviously thrilled by receiving the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation, not just because of its commercial viability in securing new orders, which will ultimately result in the creation of jobs, but the real innovation is in the OTMR's potential for revolutionising rail safety.'
** A positive effect of out-migration growth rate upon employment (EMPR) is possible because: (1) OTMR positive and correlated with the size of the county's population, and (2) OTMR can collect the effects resulted from the size of the county's population upon employment.
The OTMR is a similar concept to the 'black box' or flight recorders that are used in the airline industry and by 2005 they will become a statutory requirement to be fitted on all rail vehicles, whether they are carrying passengers or freight, as a means of recording data.