OTMSOver-Thirty-Months Scheme (UK)
OTMSOpportunity Tracking and Management System
OTMSOverland Trail Middle School (Overland Park, KS)
OTMSOttawa Texture Measuring System
OTMSOlde Towne Middle School (Ridgeland, MS)
OTMSOrder Transport and Management System (finance and investment software made by PricewaterhouseCoopers)
OTMSOperational Technical Managerial System
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The OTMS scheme will still be made available to farmers until January.
As a result, OE-OEMs are increasingly relying on OTMS providers to manage sudden changes in product configuration and consumer demand.
The abolition of the OTMS will, without a doubt, push more cull cows into the food chain and focus farmers' minds on finishing these cows to supply the market with the quality cattle it requires?
The OTMS is part of the framework of BSE food safety controls and removes older animals from the food chain as a precautionary measure.
The first product under the cooperation is the interaction of ALife-PortfolioManager and OTMS as a solution for financial services providers.
From last spring finished cattle prices proved a consistent 10-15p/kg deadweight higher than in the previous year, with cull cow prices remaining comfortably above previous OTMS values.
On top of this it is obvious that some habits acquired by farmers during the 10 years the OTMS was in operation need to be discarded and more effort made to ensure some lame or temporarily incapacitated animals are successfully treated instead of being immediately put through the FSS.
Glenys Kinnock said: "There is grave concern that without the opening of EU export markets to Welsh beef farmers, the end of the OTMS could lead to the collapse of the mature beef market.
This compares favourably with the OTMS compensation price of 0.
He said it was also obvious some habits of farmers during the ten years of OTMS needed to be discarded and more effort made to ensure some lame or temporarily incapacitated animals are treated instead.
NERVOUSNESS among beef producers at the imminent ending of the Over Thirty Month Scheme was relayed to politicians this week as farmers met twice at Mold livestock market to convey their fears of a price collapse when the OTMS ends on January 22.
There is hope that the beef export ban will be lifted early this year, but we know that lifting OTMS does not come without a price.