OTOOOn the Order Of
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Otoo, he told me his name was (pronounced o-to-o ); also, he told me that he was a native of Bora Bora, the most westerly of the Society Group.
Towards the last I was delirious most of the time; and there were times, too, when I heard Otoo babbling and raving in his native tongue.
In the end, Otoo saved my life; for I came to lying on the beach twenty feet from the water, sheltered from the sun by a couple of cocoanut leaves.
Otoo and I lived with the natives of the atoll for a week, when we were rescued by the French cruiser and taken to Tahiti.
I never had a brother; but from what I have seen of other men's brothers, I doubt if any man ever had a brother that was to him what Otoo was to me.
No matter what the hour was when I left the club, there was Otoo waiting to see me safely home.
On wet and stormy nights, in the thick of the folly and the fun, the thought would persist in coming to me of Otoo keeping his dreary vigil under the dripping mangoes.
At first, I am free to confess, I couldn't help resenting Otoo's poking his nose into my business.
Otoo and I were on the beach in Samoa--we really were on the beach and hard aground--when my chance came to go as recruiter on a blackbird brig.
While I was busy arguing and persuading the woolly-headed cannibals to come and labor on the Queensland plantations Otoo kept watch.
Otoo had cautioned me; and, as usual when I did not heed him, I came to grief.
Always it was Otoo who looked ahead and saw the opportunity.