OTOPOne Tambon One Product (Thailand)
OTOPOgólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków (Poland)
OTOPOffice of Technology Operations and Planning (US EPA)
OTOPOpiate Treatment Outpatient Program (San Francisco, CA)
OTOPOn the Other Paw (slang)
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We have revealed the importance of food related industries in this OTOP movement.
The OTOP Development Policy was initiated by the Royal Thai Government in 2000, under the strong leadership of Dr.
For rural farmers, the OTOP approach was very easy to understand and useful to utilize complicated government assistance programs.
Before the OTOP movement, the governments' rural development plans were not worked very well.
It is apparent that economic growth has a direct correlation with the strength of entrepreneurial activities as evidenced in the GDP growth after a launch of an OTOP program within Thaksinomics.
The paper also suggests why attention toward successful rural entrepreneurs is needed and discusses the birth of the OTOP program in Thailand.
Rural Entrepreneurs in Thailand and the OTOP program
Qasim Majid, sales director for Openscape, said: 'We are delighted to be the first company to win a contract using OTOP.
9) A set of policy guidelines geared toward doing so are contained in Thailand's Sufficiency Economy concept and an innovative program is the OTOP program.
The OTOP program is derived from Sufficiency's theme and it features a unique scheme that integrates private market activities with assistance and support from government, educational institutions and more advanced private companies thereby avoiding direct government intervention and public financial support.
OTOP relies on private enterprises' successes to make a national public policy effective and as such it relies on the government for help within the context of an integrated-thematic approach.