OTOPOffice of Technology Operations and Planning
OTOPOne Tambon One Product (Thailand)
OTOPOgólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków (Poland)
OTOPOff Tool Off Process (automotive engineering)
OTOPOffice of Technology Operations and Planning (US EPA)
OTOPOpiate Treatment Outpatient Program (San Francisco, CA)
OTOPOn the Other Paw (slang)
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General Prayut Chansaacha, Prime Minister and visiting delegation of Muang Phetchaburi and OTOP products were set up and tasted local food at the Phranakhon Khiri Historical Park (Khao Wang).
Given Thailand economic success and development of local product, derived from this policy, Thailand is willing to share our knowledge and experience in OTOP with Nepal, particularly how we have managed to improve local product quality and marketing as well as provide a local and international stage for the promotion of these products.
Ministerial statement declared that the Thailand's OTOP promotion "is a good model that could have application in developing an entrepreneurial society, especially in local areas" (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, 2003).
2) The main concept of OTOP emphasizes creating income by directing each Tumbon to make one particular product from its local resources.
It used exhibitions and events, including OTOP events, as points of sale and received information about such events from government offices, primarily the Provincial Commercial Office and the district-level office of the Department of Community Development.
It is apparent that economic growth has a direct correlation with the strength of entrepreneurial activities as evidenced in the GDP growth after a launch of an OTOP program within Thaksinomics.
Qasim Majid, sales director for Openscape, said: 'We are delighted to be the first company to win a contract using OTOP.
In the Thai study area, the management and marketing of Matmii is organized by the local government's OTOP project, while in the Japanese study area, private firms are in charge of managing and marketing Ushikubi Tumugi.
9) A set of policy guidelines geared toward doing so are contained in Thailand's Sufficiency Economy concept and an innovative program is the OTOP program.
Adopt OTOP approach and the contract farming business model in extension and rural industry promotion to attain economies of scale, reduce transaction costs and closely link primary producers to markets.
DTI Central Visayas Regional Director Asteria Caberte said the event featured products of local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that have undergone product development workshops conducted by DTI under the OTOP Program.