OTOWOn Top of the World
OTOWOperational Take-Off Weight
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The OTOW Network is poised for a successful launch with one or more of the following partners, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson.
We will inform our shareholders of our decision in the coming weeks O2's ongoing strategy of integrating OTOW domestic and international hi-speed wireless Internet facilities, Mobil Pay and Mobile Internet solutions are currently being reviewed as well," says Val Kazia, CEO of O2 Secure Wireless Inc.
OTOW and LOOKHU are committed to developing new, innovative products for the mobile content markets around-the-world and to creating new services solving the needs of today's mobile operators as they evolve, all while providing the best-in-class service that is to be a hallmark of OTOW capabilities.
stated, "Our alliance with LOOKHU adds a new revenue source for the OTOW NETWORK markets in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico.
The OTOW and LOOKHU alliance may enable mobile subscribers to unleash the power in mobile communications and inspire the creation of the next generation of services from the OTOW network and subscribers.
stated, "I believe that our alliance with LOOKHU maybe a game changer for the OTOW markets in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico.
Record labels, event promoters, and recordings artists seeking more information about the OTOW Network Mobile services, should visit the OTOW Network (http://otownetwork.
By unifying label and independent artist content, the OTOW Network underpins the Company's broader strategy in the direct-to-consumer space.
The OTOW Network intends to serve as a new multi-dimensional destination for music fans, but also a new outlet for artists wishing to cut through the noise of the big retail outlets and build brand awareness at a more personal level in OTOW's developing markets.
At an operational level our focus on the mobile sector has achieved positive results, with a lowering of operational costs and increasing customer inquiries, enabling our sales teams to focus on converting these customers with long term revenue potential for the OTOW Network (http://www.
The Company is currently in development of the new OTOW NETWORK app which will enable users to download high quality digital media mobile entertainment content to their mobile devices including music, live performances, movies, TV shows, documentaries and games.
The most exciting news are the updates regarding executing on the purchase of a Dominican Bank, the purchase of a Central American Cable Company, the Purchase of local B2B service provider, the Development of tower facilities and projected sales of OTOW smartphones and tablets to reach a million units in first year of sales to generate a minimum of $25 million in gross revenues.