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OTPOne Time Password
OTPOne Time Programmable (electronics)
OTPOne Time Pad
OTPOn the Phone (chat)
OTPObligatorisk Tjenestepensjon (Norwegian: Mandatory Occupational Pension)
OTPOn-Time Performance
OTPOver Temperature Protection
OTPOver the Phone
OTPOpen Telecom Platform
OTPOpposite Track Path (DVD mastering system)
OTPOnline Team Play (gaming)
OTPOutside the Perimeter (people living outside the I-285 perimeter of Atlanta, GA)
OTPOpen Trading Protocol (for purchasing)
OTPOff the Page
OTPOpioid Treatment Program
OTPOne Term President
OTPOne-Trick Pony (Paul Simon song/album)
OTPOffer to Purchase
OTPOrder to Pay
OTPOne True Pairing
OTPOffice of Telecommunications Policy
OTPOregon Transportation Plan
OTPOther Tobacco Product (taxation designation)
OTPBucharest, Romania - Otopeni (Airport Code)
OTPOrlando Theatre Project (Orlando, FL)
OTPOutpatient Treatment Program
OTPOutdoor Therapeutic Program
OTPOdznaka Turystyki Pieszej (Polish PTTK badge)
OTPOre Transport Permit (Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Philippines)
OTPOperational Test Piece
OTPOutline Test Plan
OTPOn the Piss
OTPOperational Test Plan
OTPOn the Pause
OTPOperational Test Procedure
OTPOrszágos Takarék Pénztár (Hungarian: General Saving Bank)
OTPOne True Pair/Pairing (fan fiction, erotica)
OTPOvertime Personnel
OTPOpenland Tree-Planting
OTPOne Team Partner
OTPOrbital Time Processor
OTPOther Theater Project (Cleveland, Ohio)
OTPOther Trustworthy Person (PEZ collectors)
OTPOperating & Transition Plan
OTPOptional Time Period
OTPOptical Technology Project
OTPOperations Training Package
OTPOperational Trial Period
OTPOh, the Profanity! (blog)
OTPOff the Pigs (band)
OTPOffice of the Premier (various locations)
OTPOperator Training Program (various organizations)
OTPOffender Treatment Program (various locations)
OTPOpen Training Platform (various organizations)
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Now under construction, the OTP system will be completed in two phases: the first phase with service to Crane is expected to be operational by early 2016, and the second phase with service to Midland expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2016.
The SMS-based OTP scheme has potential to become mainstream but there is room for improvement both in terms of user convenience and security.
Additionally, this could help increase the adoption of hardware OTP token authentication solutions as a unified platform to enable end-users to switch easily to other hardware OTP token authentication solutions.
Bulgaria declared in March 2003 Hungary's OTP Bank the winner in the tender for the state-owned DSK, Bulgaria's second largest bank.
DIGIPASS CertiID combines OTP with PKI technology, thus responding to a growing need for user-friendly portable authentication with document signing and file encryption capability", said Jan Valcke, president and COO at VASCO Data Security.
The proceedings were stayed while Amtrak and CN attempted to address the issue of delays informally, but OTP has remained poor on the Illini/Saluki service.
Laszlo Diosi, CEO for OTP Bank Romania said, Discussions between OTP and Millennium began in October last year and in order to successfully conclude the deal, the Romanian National Bank, the Portuguese National Bank, The European Commission and the Competition Council all had to sign off.
The OTP bank chief said that it would be able to endure any move initiated by the government to help foreign currency mortgage holders, such as conversion of all foreign currency mortgages into forints.
OTP Bank will pay the tax in two equal instalments on September 30 and December 10, the bank said.
Our OTP hardware tokens are highly secure because we control 100 percent of the process, from programming and initialization to worldwide shipping and distribution," said Vijay Takanti, Exostar's Vice President of Security and Collaboration Solutions.
From the present experience, the OTP has to be able to run and manage 7 active investigations and up to 15 cases in hibernation and support for 5 trials.
Hungarian lender OTP Bank is planning to bid for a stake in Takarekbank once it comes onto the market, according to a Reuters report.