OTPFOhio Tobacco Prevention Foundation
OTPFOccupational Therapy Practice Framework (American Occupational Therapy Association)
OTPFOverseas Territories Programme Fund (UK)
OTPFOntario Teachers Pension Fund (Canada)
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To incorporate tenets of OT, this model integrates the language of the OTPF (AOTA, 2017c), as well as considerations of environment and task variables.
Further, while psychological and social-contextual factors exist in the OTPF (AOTA, 2014), exploring areas of impact relating to these factors may warrant greater consideration in relation to the application of this model in the following sections.
After critical analysis of textual content and classification scheme, Nelson (2006) stressed the importance of the OTPF to occupational therapy clinical practice, research, education, and communication.
To do so, occupational therapy must embrace the concept of technology in the OTPF that aligns with the concepts in the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (AOTA, 2015b).
This article proposes that updating the OTPF to define clearly the role of AT will provide additional guidance and clarification to inform future practice.
This service provided a convenience sample of therapists with an AOTA membership, who we believed were more likely to have knowledge of the OTPF and thus be aware of the profession's efforts to include religious observance in its scope of practice.
One hypothesis, generated prior to the start of the study, was that the inclusion of religious observance in the OTPF may have resulted in reconsideration of this occupation in a therapist's personal practice, resulting in an increased number of therapists addressing religious observance as an occupation in practice.
The findings of this study suggest that the majority of occupational therapists do not currently view religious observance (later to be re-named and revised as religious and spiritual activities and expression) as a meaningful therapeutic occupation to be used in practice, regardless of its inclusion as an IADL in the OTPF. Furthermore, the findings may suggest that more occupational therapists are embracing the view that the purpose of addressing this occupation is to meet an end goal (maintaining the client's participation in this occupation) as opposed to using this occupation as a means, as suggested by Smith and Suto (2012)--using activities associated with religious observance and spirituality as therapeutic interventions to promote agency and empowerment.
The factor loadings were: BADL (range, 0.42 0.75; mean, 0.54); IADL (range, 0.44 - 0.85; mean, 0.62); and PLAY (range, 0.62 - 0.79; mean: 0.68), which is in agreement with the theoretical categorization of ADL into BADL, IADL, and PLAY as formulated in the OTPF (AOTA, 2002).
The MMD was designed to cover six of the OTPF's eight dimensions (AOTA, 2002) by means of three domains (BADL, IADL, and PLAY).
In addition, the LifeSteps program is conceptualized based on domains articulated in the OTPF and aligned with local, national, and international health promotion objectives.
The OTPF (AOTA, 2008) defines each of these cognitive functions as necessary for task completion.