OTPIOver the Phone Interpreting
OTPIOn-Top Position Indicator
OTPIOverseas Tour Promotion, Inc. (Japan)
OTPIOperational Test Program Instruction
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We can present candidates who might not actively be looking for work," said Mike Houston, vice president of sales and marketing for OTPI Staffing Group in Anchorage, "but are interested in other opportunities.
In addition to collecting incident data, another objective set for the OTPI was to develop databases and analysis methods to provide the LFB with management data at both the organizational level for policy development, and at more localized group levels to provide feedback to operational personnel on their performance.
To integrate both of these lines of work and related ones in less mature stages of development, a four-day workshop was held' in which nine experienced operational officers representing the OTPI, competences team, personnel and training and the operational management teams participated (Burke, 1995a).