OTPLOrion Township Public Library (Lake Orion, MI)
OTPLOld Town Public Library (Old Town, ME)
OTPLOld Tappan Public Library (Westwood, NJ)
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1) The fiscal theory of price level (FTPL) is developed by Woodford (1994, and 1998), Leeper (1991), Sims (1994), and Cochrane (1998, 2001), for the extension of the OTPL to an open economy [Daniel (2001): Loyo (2000); Canzoneri and Diba (2001) and Dupor (2000)].
The funds will help OTPL to expand its operations in local currency to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country and to manage its balance-sheet currency structure.
The EBRD loan will contribute to OTPLs development strategy, designed to diversify its customer base and target smaller agricultural producers with land banks exceeding 5,000 hectares.