OTRBOver-The-Road Bus
OTRBOver the Rainbow Bridge
OTRBOccupational Therapists Registration Board (Mile End, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
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It will look at information provided by OTRB operators as to requests for accessible bus service, frequency of lift use, ability to meet 48-hour requests, cost and service impacts, complaints, and general ridership information.
So, if we want reliable OTRB services, we need to start riding those vehicles!
DOT has published a guide to its regulations for small OTRB operators, but most of the information is helpful to passengers, too.
ADA requires DOT to issue regulations requiring OTRB accessibility.
In September, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued long-awaited regulations requiring access to over-the-road buses (OTRBs).
Beginning on October 28, 2000, large fixed-route OTRB companies that purchase or lease new buses must only purchase or lease accessible buses--those that provide a level-change mechanism or boarding device such as a lift or ramp permitting a wheelchair or other mobility-aid user to reach a securement location.
DOT did not require small OTRB companies to purchase accessible, buses.
At rest or intermediate stops at which passengers may leave the bus to use facilities, OTRB companies must provide passengers with disabilities time and assistance needed to leave and re-enter the vehicle, whether or not the bus is accessible.
If a passenger requests accessible service at least 48 hours in advance and an OTRB company fails to provide service complying with this rule, the company must pay compensation to the passenger within seven days.
At present, to board an OTRB, most individuals who use wheelchairs or other wheeled mobility-aids must leave the aid and be carried to the bus seat.
These include level-change devices (wheelchair lifts or ramps) that travel with the OTRB or are based at the station.
Full implementation of requirements for OTRB transportation systems will take approximately 20 years, as accessible buses replace current stock.