OTRFOxford Turbine Research Facility (UK)
OTRFOntario Turfgrass Research Foundation (Canada)
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With regard to the antiviral characteristics of otrf, the results suggested that the capacity which the glycoprotein is able to mitigate against Marek's disease virus (MDV) stems from the following otrf fragments: DQKDEYELL and KDLLFK [32, 33].
A comparative examination of the antioxidant characteristics of hen's otrf (and its hydrolysed peptides) and superoxide anion scavenging activity revealed the former to be around 3.2-13.5 times greater [35].
suggested the utility of otrf concentration in the blood as an indicator of infection and inflammation in avian species [39].
Research has also revealed that the production of egg tripeptides (namely, IRW and IQW) from otrf takes place, while the efficacy of this has been presented regarding the downregulation in the expression of the cytokine-induced inflammatory protein in the vascular endothelium [43, 44].
As was noted by Lee et al., the hen otrf's peptide KVREGT revealed an antihypertensive secondary function associated with otrf in that an IC50 value of 9.1 [micro]M was associated with the angiotensin I-converting enzyme [47].