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OTRSOklahoma Teachers' Retirement System
OTRSOpen Source Ticket Request System
OTRSOngoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (stress reaction)
OTRSOregon Telecommunications Relay Service (Public Utility Commission of Oregon)
OTRSOperational Test Readiness Statement
OTRSOfficer Tertiary Recruitment Scheme (Australian Army)
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NRA = Neatkartga Rita Avize (2018) "Aptauja: Puse iedzivotaju uzskata--'latviesa milakais ediens ir otrs latvietis'".
Increases in the OTR and the WVTR can be attributed to the fragmented crystal structures and smaller crystal size.
OTR and WVTR can be measured with the calcium thin film optical transmission test [14, 15].
[13] found that public knowledge about OT affects the process of clinical reasoning among OTRs. They found that managers have erroneous expectations concerning the role of OTRs which, in return, affects the process of treatment planning and decreases the quality of outcomes of OT intervention [13].
Tipper The case against him was ended because Government officials mistakenly sent him a letter in 2007, as part of the OTRs scheme, telling him he was no longer a wanted man.
While the high incidence of skin cancers has been well described in solid organ transplants recipients, little is known about the risk factors, incidence, locations, and types of skin disease in nonwhite OTRs, wrote Christina Lee Chung, MD, of the department of dermatology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, and her associates.
To evaluate the influence of the EC layer, the oxygenation of the test fluid via the blank membrane was determined first by means of the oxygen transfer rate (OTR).
Samples (25 [+ or -] 0.5 g) were packaged in sealed polyethylene bags (10 cm x 15 cm, Pacific Southwest Container Inc., Modesto, CA, USA) with known OTRs of 8.0, 11.6, 16.6, 21.4, or 29.5 pmol[s.sup.-1] [m.sup.-2] [Pa.sup.- 1] and stored at 4 [+ or -] 0.5[degrees]C.
Hence, with the presence of multiple automotive manufacturing facilities coupled with growing sales of light commercial vehicles and OTRs, the demand for automotive brake pads, shoes & linings in the US is expected to increase over the next five years.
In general, a film with oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of less than 100 at 25C and 98% relative humidity is suitable as vacuum packaging film, particularly for meat packaging applications, where lower OTRs are necessary for export packs with extended shelf life.
The brain has high levels of OTRs to receive a wide array of signals.