OTSAOklahoma Tribal Statistical Area (Census Bureau geographic area for Oklahoma tribes formerly having a reservation)
OTSAOffice of Tax Shelter Analysis (IRS)
OTSAOverseas Trade Show Agencies Ltd. (sales and marketing company)
OTSAOPTEC Threat Support Activity
OTSAOccupational Therapy South Australia (Walkerville, South Australia, Australia)
OTSAOptical Storage Technology Association
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In its letter published on Tuesday, OTSA expressed concern and dismay over the recent treatment of academics in Turkey who are calling for peace within the country.
In Section 3, we firstly propose the OTSA and ODTSA.
Array design and evaluation of beam capabilities of an OTSA based on the proposed TTDU;
(15.) Cutolo M, Villaggio B, Otsa K, Aakre O, Sulli A, Seriolo B.
(29.) Office of Tax Shelter Analysis (OTSA) Report to Treasury--December 18, 2001, available at 2001 Tax Notes Today 250-11.
Cutolo M, Maestroni GJ, Otsa K, Aakre O, Villaggio B, Capellino S, Montagna P, Fazzuoli L, Veldi T, Peets T, Hertens E, Sulli A (2005) Circadian melatonin and cortisol levels in rheumatoid arthritis patients in winter time: a north and south Europe comparison.
OTSA remains committed to working with our partners across the aviation community to provide travelers the most effective security in the most efficient way,O said Douglas Hofsass, TSA associate administrator for Risk Based Security Initiatives.
(f) Federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma participated in the Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area Program (OTSA).Data derived from Census 2000 are available for these areas from U.S.Census Bureau (2003), Summary File 1 (SF1), 100 percent data.
A barium anomaly, with its concentrations ranging from 2 to 9 mg/L, has been revealed also in the CambrianVendian aquifer system in North Estonia (Otsa & Tamm 1997).
Me and Jai (bass player Jai Otsa) have been living together on Duke Street and Chris moved here from Brighton and lives with some friends of ours up on Smithdown Road, so we''ve been showing him round the city and hanging out playing music.
In such situations, if the statute of limitation on assessment for the prior return is still open, the general rule is that the taxpayer is required to file Form 8886, Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement, with the Office of Tax Shelter Analysis (OTSA) within 90 days after the date on which the transaction is identified as a TOI.