OTSEAOverseas Telecommunication Services Employees Association
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There is now a very tiny supply of top pieces in great condition.' Otsea adds: 'The market is narrowing; it is maturing.
"No one ever expected to see it on the market." That is why, Otsea believes, the carpet sold for such a high figure.
Otsea told The Post, "Islamic art museums want carpets from the golden age of carpet weaving, so that sector of the market has become increasingly more desirable."
(34.) Memo, Ruprecht Von Arnim, Representative to Brussels, to Jenifer Otsea, Headquarters, "The Ninth San Jose Summit of Foreign Ministers of the EC and Countries of Central America," 3/3/93, UNHCR Fonds 391.86/381.
"I imagine the pendulum will swing away from beige and pale colors, but I have no idea if it's next year or 10 years from now," Otsea said.
As for prices, Otsea echoed a complaint typical of many importers and retailers, "Rugs are undervalued; someday maybe people will become more educated about their value."
Mary Jo Otsea of Sotheby's said, "In my 30-year career, this is the most exciting and important collection that I have dealt with."
Karen Otsea was particularly helpful and supportive.