OTSGOffice of the Surgeon General
OTSGOnce-Through Steam Generator
OTSGOffice of Tribal Self-Governance (Rockville, MD)
OTSGOperations Technical Support Group
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In this section, the main parts of dynamic model of the HTRPM plant, that is, the pebble-bed one-zone MHTGR, OTSG, fluid flow network (FFN) of the common secondary-loop system, and turbine/generator unit, are summarized from [23-26].
Unfortunately, the previously mentioned OTSG memo dictates that this officer will work in the EBH clinic 20 hours per week, significantly impacting the psychologist's ability to have a schedule that is flexible and responsive to commanders.
The paper presents detailed performance and economic models for solar steam generators, gas-fired OTSG and cogeneration using waste heat from a power plant to fuel an OT-HRSG.
Department requests [right arrow] pharmacy depot [right arrow] main depot [right arrow] pharmacy depot provided to department [right arrow] hospital CO [right arrow] OTSG Minister of Finance
For many reasons, USAMMA was not permitted to include the MMRP initiative in its 2006 POM, but it was asked to further develop the concept with the Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), HQDA, OTSG, and other stakeholders.
The OTSG and MEDCOM human resources community quickly realized that an automated method was needed to capture data at a level sufficiently detailed to meet the requirements of the Army's senior medical leaders.
- BG Joseph A Marsiglia, USAR, Assistant Surgeon General for Mobilization Readiness and Army Reserve Affairs, OTSG, Office of the Surgeon General, Deputy Commanding General, AR-MEDCOM
ClearSign Combustion Corporation (NasdaqCM:CLIR) stated on Monday that it will design and engineer its Duplex technology for an oil sands producer's oil field once-through steam generators (OTSG) in Canada.
Finally, the GlassPoint steam generator conforms to oilfield best practices for EOR and is designed as a Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG).
AAMTI is an Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG)-funded program initiated in 1999.
Army Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) established a charter for an epidemiological consultation (EPICON) team composed of Army and Centers for Disease Control subject matter experts (including chaplains) to consult with the local medical and line leadership at Fort Bragg.
USAREUR Germany USARPAC Fort Shafter, Hawaii TRADOC SATFA Fort Monroe, Virginia SATMO Fort Bragg, North Carolina OTSG MEDCOM Fort Sam Houston, Texas USAMMA Fort Detrick, Maryland USASAC Alexandria, Virginia and New Cumberland, Pennsylvania AMCOM Huntsville, Alabama CECOM Fort Monmouth, New Jersey OSC Rock Island, Illinois SBCCOM Rock Island, Illinois STRICOM Orlando, Florida TACOM Warren, Michigan Navy Navy IPO Washington, D.C.