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OTSGOnce-Through Steam Generator
OTSGOffice of Tribal Self-Governance (Rockville, MD)
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This study served as the catalyst for the funding that allowed USAMMA, in concert with OTSG, to program some of USAMMA's MMRP initiative into the equipping POMs for fiscal years 2010 to 2015 and 2012 to 2017.
In June 2002, the Decision Support Center, a data analysis cell within the OTSG staff, produced data on business variables to help measure the cost effectiveness and workload production at the physician level of detail at each Army medical treatment facility.
KTI's engineering center in Houston, Texas will execute the OTSG contract.
An additional skill identifier similar to the "9" series (in residency, fully trained, board certified, OTSG recognition) will be developed, with various letters following the number identifying the progress toward leadership training.
PEC will help the OTSG implement information management tools and technology to support administrative, policy, and military healthcare medical information processing for approximately 400 Army, civilian, and contractor staff at numerous locations, including the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Pentagon, Ft.
Since the dogs were each valued at roughly $25,000, the ethics advisors had to determine that it did not show undue influence on OTSG by the donors.
The OTSG provides the heat recovery system for combined cycle power plant configurations.
GE evaporators will be used by MEG Energy for treatment of its OTSG blowdown and recycle it as boiler feedwater as opposed to disposing of it by deep well injection.
Other attendees included staff from the Warrior Care and Transition Office; Army medical treatment facilities; the OTSG Rehabilitation and Reintegration Division, Walter Reed Army Medical Center; US Air Force; US Navy; and combat and operational stress control staff who work with and handle the animal-assisted activities dogs in theater.
MEG Energy will use GE evaporators to treat its OTSG blowdown and recycle it as boiler feedwater as opposed to disposing of it by deep well injection.
OTSG MEDCOM Policy Memorandum 11-070: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Incident Reporting and Notification Procedures.