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Finally, a SH policy should affirm the periodic administration of SH audits (e.g., using Hulin et al.'s 1996 OTSH inventory) to identify problem areas that may lead to escalation and determine if actionable SH has occurred without being reported.
LSH and OTSH. The propositions on LSH and OTSH point to the importance of accurate measurement of these constructs.
In the future, the integration of electronic data of OTC / OTSH with the EPTS system will create a single digital information base for all vehicles.
The task of the pilot project, which started on September 1 of the current year, is the development of the mechanisms for issuing OTC / OTSH in electronic form, taking into account the requirements for the procedure for confirming the conformity of vehicles.
A five-party agreement on the launch of a pilot project in the field of approval of vehicle type approval, chassis type approval (OTC / OTSH) will be signed electronically on August 30, 2018 at MIAS-2018.
The transfer of OTN / OTSH to the electronic format will be another significant step towards the digitization of the economy, and will also create a single electronic database of cars.