OTTPOverseas Trained Teacher Programme (UK)
OTTPOccupational Therapy Training Program (est. 1975; Los Angeles, CA)
OTTPOzone Therapy Training Program
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The OTTP services are provided in local schools, in the communities where the youth live and socialize, and in juvenile detention centers (OTTP, 2017).
The OTTP is a unique service model not well documented in the literature.
The youth population served is loosely defined as individuals in an age range of 10 to 25 years, approximately the same age group served by the OTTP. The phenomenological method of collecting and analyzing expressive verbal data (Alase, 2017; Cronin-Davis, Butler, & Mayers, 2009) obtained through interviews aimed to explore how risks associated with disenfranchised youth are defined in HK and how these risks are addressed by the service providers.
Illegal drug use and abuse, academic disengagement, engagement in unhealthy occupations, and unsafe sexual practices are common challenges facing the high-risk youth served by the OTTP in the US and in many other countries (Bearinger, Sieving, Ferguson, & Sharma, 2007; Call et al., 2002; Hassan, Csemy, Rappo, & Knight, 2009; Masten, 2014).
This study is part of a research project focused on understanding the role of the OTTP, a grand-funded community-based service provider to students at a CHS in San Francisco.
In addition, a number of community-based organizations, including the OTTP, provide services to the students on-site.
The OTTP provides a life-skills training program to the students at the CHS.
Canadian partners to the Consortium, OTTP and OMERS jointly paid $1.2 billion for 25% stake each in the pipeline system.
Tieza launched the Online Travel Tax Payment System (OTTPS) in April 2018 to provide faster, more convenient and easier way of travel tax payment for all Filipino travelers.
This has been achieved despite unfavourable market conditions and increased competition from Over the Top Players (OTTPS)."
This has been achieved despite unfavorable market conditions and increased competition from Over the Top Players (OTTPS)" Al Mamari furthered.