OTTUOrganization of Tanzania Trade Unions
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4 LETTERS 1221 ITLI (Indian food) 2222- 1331 IFNI (Moroccan city) 2332 THAT LYNX 1441 I WEI (first name) 2442 TWEL (in Nigeria) 1cc1 IOSI (first name) c11c 2cc2 LOST LUST c22c OTTU (in India) 3cc3 HUSK HUSH c33c OAFS CANS 4cc4 MUSE c44c JEWS OWES cccc COOS cbbc SPRO (in Norway) 3223 ALTY (surname) 4224 ELVE 3333 YANK ZANY 4334 MAKE WAKE WANE MANE 3443 AMEN HEWN 4444 WEME (a peoples in Benin) 1bb1 IRGI (in Chad) b11b PIIG (a place in Micronesia) 2bb2 -- b22b BLVD.