OTWOLOne Thousand Words or Less
OTWOLOur Traditional Way of Life
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Benj: Para kasing nangyari sa OTWOL, pag kailangan ng kalokohan, Axl and Kiko nyo na yan.
I can't even reconcile the Reid who played Cross Sanford in Diary ng Panget with the one who plays Clark in OTWOL.
My OTWOL discussion group called this new version OTWOL 2.
Judging by the millions of social media posts since it premiered last year, OTWOL is a show that encouraged, maybe even demanded, discussion and analysis.
What's even more unique about all this OTWOL talk is, no one was really arguing about who Leah or Clark should end up with.
It was interesting to me how a series like OTWOL chose to take the difficult road to happily-ever-after.
Aside from OTWOL, Severo is busy writing poems and plays.
Someone once accused me of watching OTWOL only because the male lead is hot.
But OTWOL, however hot its male lead is, will not work without Lustre, whose charm and likability make Leah a protagonist you will want to root for.
OTWOL is also a cut above the rest because it knows when to use and when to do away with teleserye tropes.
OTWOL is distinctly Pinoy, from its portrayals of close family ties and familial responsibility to the damayan or bayanihan present in Filipino communities both here and abroad.
Even the different ways children respond to having OFW parents are shown in OTWOL.