OTZKotzebue, AK, USA (Airport Code)
OTZOffene Tür Zürich (German: Zurich Open Door; Zurich, Switzerland)
OTZOrder of the Tiger Zebra (gaming guild)
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'Even the wise and mysterious therns of Barsoom, that ancient cult which for countless ages has been credited with holding the secret of life and death in their impregnable fastnesses upon the hither slopes of the Mountains of Otz, are as ignorant as we.
As we advanced up the river which winds beneath the Golden Cliffs out of the bowels of the Mountains of Otz to mingle its dark waters with the grim and mysterious Iss the faint glow which had appeared before us grew gradually into an all-enveloping radiance.
"Your father once asked me that same question in the galleries of the Golden Cliffs within the Otz Mountains, beneath the temples of the therns.
In the spring of 2018, The Audacious Project chose the OTZ team as one of its first awardees, connecting WHOI with donors who provided a total of $35 million in support--the largest philanthropic gift in the Oceanographic's history.
For example, at a concentration level of 2 percent w/v of Sentry, this is equivalent to 0.1297 percent MBT and 0.0258 percent OTZ. In the March-July trial, a benchmark product, NP-1 (distributed by Kop-Coat New Zealand Ltd.), containing 3-iodo-2-propynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC) and didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC) was included.
European Directory Limited, 531-533 Kings Road, London SW10 OTZ. Tel: 0171 351 3612; Fax: 0171 352 4883.
* Neal, Doug, CEO, OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Telecom & Tech
Murphy has studied extensively in nutrition, meditation as well as advanced soft tissue techniques, and is also the founder of OTZ Health Education Systems, LLC and developer of the occipital-atlanto adjustment - a form of diversified analysis and adjusting which seems to have an immediate impact on numerous neurological disorders including Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS).
To reduce the damage caused by UV rays that manage to reach the skin, Jean-Francois Nicolay of Exsymol suggested incorporating oxothiazolidine (OTZ) into formulas.
ALASKA -- Toni Raye Bergan, Jane Cleveland, OTZ Telephone Cooperative
To meet the needs of its customers, ASTAC partnered with OTZ Telephone Cooperative to enhance coverage with a new cell site for ASTAC's customers in Kotzebue.
Murphy has been researching and developing a complete curriculum on the resolution of the true cause of FSS, dubbed the OTZ Tension Adjustment.