OU1Operable Unit 1 (Environmental Protection Agency)
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4[degrees]F) during the second week of June, the energy consumptions of OU1 and OU2 were 79.
OU1 and OU2 consumed 65%-74% and 86%-90% of the total power consumption of the systems throughout the season.
As can be seen in Figure 8a, the energy consumption of OU1 was 385.
Two watt meters were utilized for the power measurement of OU1 and OU2.
The total daily energy consumption of both outdoor units and the average individual energy consumptions of OU1 and OU2 for the ventilation-assisted and nonventilated systems are provided in Figures 6a and 6b, respectively.
must reimburse the United States for all of its past response costs for OU1, a total of $743,000, and for all of its future response and oversight costs for the cleanup of OU1.
After receiving public input, EPA signed a Record of Decision in 1990, selecting thermal separation/desorption as the OU1 remedy.