OUABOhio Union Activities Board (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)
OUABOpen University Awarding Body (Open University; UK)
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Comparison of cardiotonic effect of [TA.sub.AqE] with ISO and Ouab
3 shows the comparison of inotropic actions of [TA.sub.AqE] on the kinetics of myocyte contraction with ISO and Ouab. While 50 [micro]g/ml [TA.sub.AqE] elicited an increase in the amplitude of CS to a degree similar to that induced by lOOnM ISO and 1 mM Ouab, [TA.sub.AqE] and ISO (but not Ouab) caused a decrease in the decay time during relaxation, consistent with increased--(dL/dt[).sub.max].
The cardiotonic action of [TA.sub.AqE] is distinct from ISO and Ouab but shares some cellular mechanisms with each agent.